Below, you’ll find an informal documentation of our process of composing Re-Inventing Invention. You can read more about the purpose of the blog on both the about page and the epilogue page of the project itself.
What thoughts do you have about “Re-Inventing Invention: A Performance in Three Acts”? What interesting juxtapositions did you [...]

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more on captions

You’ll notice that many of our videos (all of act one, part of act 2, the epilogue) now have captions. Please let me know if anything looks weird or doesn’t work on your machine. I’ll have all the videos captioned by the time we go to C & W. Onward!

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further (re)inventions- for the comprehensive exam-

“randomness has increasingly been seen to play a fruitful role in the evolution of complex systems….not simply as the lack of pattern but as the creative ground fron which pattern can emerge” (Hayles, How We Became Posthuman 286).

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I’ve been making progress on the captioning front. It looks like I can get automatic sync to caption all our videos for approximately 68 dollars (or they might just create the xml caption files that will make it super easy for me to add captions in flash). Sure, I could do the captions myself, [...]

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the box now has 99 items

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The whole website is now live, including the credits page and revised manifesto scene 2. I’m thinking of just leaving the “shout out” off the credits page since I think we all were a little too tired when we recorded it. Maybe in the next draft?
Anyway, I’m going to the farmer’s market. When I come [...]

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Can we get to 99?

Okay, so as I’ve been working on citations today, I’ve been adding a few more things to box (not live yet), including bre’s foucault quote and a picture of the chicken with ancient rhetorics. We now have 95. You all want to get me to 99 (or maybe 100)? I still think 99 is cooler…

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I’ve noticed that in the past few days we’ve switched much of our virtual interaction to google docs and email. I wonder why this happened? Could we have switched to google docs since it is a better space for collaboratively drafting longer texts such as the works cited and manifesto pieces? Have we switched to [...]

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What do you think of the new look of the blog?

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a few more thoughts

1) I think we should try to see if we should try to release our work with a creative commons, noncommercial, attribution, share-alike license in honor of all the cc work we used. I’ll start asking about this.
2) I’m going to try to play some with hyperlinks in our manifesto text to offer more associative [...]

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