I’ve noticed that in the past few days we’ve switched much of our virtual interaction to google docs and email. I wonder why this happened? Could we have switched to google docs since it is a better space for collaboratively drafting longer texts such as the works cited and manifesto pieces? Have we switched to email since it feels more immediate and we are pushing a deadline (today!)? Or, could it be (at least in part) that we’ve now come to really see this blog as a performance space (especially with the new design) and thus we’ve retreated to more private spaces for circulating the messiness of our last minute re-invention? After all, this post feels somehow more performative (more reader-centered) than my random jottings early on.(I noticed, for example, that I took the time to proofread this post, but early on I often let my spelling mistakes fly….ha)

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  1. Interesting questions: I viewed the move to Google Docs and email as one of convenience: easier to collaboratively edit and compile sources in GD and I felt like the questions I had regarding editing and such needed a more immediate answer via email.

    Or maybe I’m just suffering from performance anxiety now. . .

  2. Yeah, ease/speed probably has more to do with it.

  3. hmmm, wonder too if we “feel” we have moved beyond invention- and now we are on to final doc stuff- so, we have left the coziness of the blog, where things must be cut and pasted to a more final space- perhaps we imagine that we do not have this luxury time right now-

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