Quarter’s over–let the fun begin!

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There’s doin’s a’transpirin’. This weekend, I’ll be taking a mini-sabbatical up in Niagara–Canada-side. This will give me what I feel is a much-needed break from the bump and grind, the hustle and bustle, the strum und drang, the shock and awe of academia. Of course, I *will* be working on a couple of side projects while I’m there…

inspiration strikes!

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…but on a small scale. i had this idea for “the marshall mcluhan virtual fortune teller.” it’ll be a javascript-driven image of one of those vintage gypsy fortune teller arcade games, doctored with marshall mcluhan’s face. when a visitor inserts a quarter (or presses the button, or some other still-to-be-considered mode of interactivity), the fortune teller spits out a random mcluhan aphorism. sure to entertain for minutes! but one word of caution: don’t do anything to intentionally upset the mcluhan fortune teller, or he will come to life and wreak havoc all over the global village.




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