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Brutus Buckeye is quite the playa on the high-tech scene, but we already knew that, didn’t we? Here’s a couple of recent blurbs that I stumbled across in some of the magazines I regularly peruse:

>> [This one's sort of cool, but in a behind-the-curtain kind of way.] From Campus Technology:

BETTER VIDEO. At The Ohio State University, clearer Internet video means selectively differentiating compression rates within an image. To resolve movement blur and choppiness, for instance, researchers are working on algorithms that track hand gestures and facial expressions, either for single or multiple speakers, and use a higher compression on everything else.

>> [This will be part of WIRED's NextFest in Chicago later this month, which I'll hopefully be attending.] From WIRED:

It looks more like a rocket ship than a race car, but with a top speed of 315 mph, the Buckeye Bullet landspeeder is the fastest electric ride on the road. Designed and built entirely by Ohio State engineering students, the mean, green-friendly machine is powered by a 400-horsepower electric traction motor with more than 900 batteries on board.

…And to think at one point not too long ago, engineers doubted whether the human body was capable of traveling over 40 mph for the threat of suffocation.

A Freeform Videogame History

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I wrote this stream-of-consciousness narrative for the Institute for the Future and their Video Gaming History Project. In the absence of anything substantive to post lately, I thought I’d share it; it was a great mental exercise, thinking about the development of my personal videogaming literacy:

the early years:
late 70s/early 80s, played those stupid handheld LED games (football, basketball) that never really made sense to me (too much imagination needed)…got an atari 2600 when i was about 6 or so; it became my world: pacman, donkey kong, space invaders, asteroids (liked going kamikaze on those rocks), combat, kaboom, even E.T. (worst. game. ever. how were you supposed to get him out of the hole?)… i killed so many joysticks on that thing…

at about 10 years old (1984), i got a commodore 64–to this date, my favoritest computer-machine, b/c it could do EVERYTHING, and it was an especially capable gaming machine. jumpman (loved that stupid little pixellated game), test drive, 720, paperboy, karateka, green beret, smash tv, skate or die, …these were my friends during those years. at school, on the apples, we played those “educational” games like oregon trail, a trivia game that featured a critter called the great auk, and LOGO, which wasn’t so much a game as it was a watered-down computing language with a turtle in it. up through high school, i was on the c64, pirating games with my friends…i didn’t have an NES or gameboy in those days, but my friends did, and we’d have late-nite duck hunt, mario, and mike tyson marathons.

the college years:
the c64 finally left me…i ended up getting a sega genesis…loved megaman and earthworm jim …NEVER liked sports games that much (madden?!?) …sonic rocked…so did samus…so did mario…so did link (still no nintendo console for me, but my friends all had them)…marathon starfox sessions….streetfighter series (man! those were fun), mortal kombat, all the fighters–i really got into those at one point. tekken at the college arcade. during those years, i saw games as stress release…college was a stressful time for me owing to a number of personal issues, and games were great $1.00/hour therapy for me. oh, the exception: i was WAAAAYYYY into myst–it was pretty AND cerebral.

the recent years:
dreamcast, gamecube, atari lynx, PC & mac…these are all my gaming machines. online poker eats up the most time (only play money thus far)…the lynx i got for the retro points (i love klax, actually)…the dreamcast was an AWESOME console that never quite took off like it should. crazy taxi is fun, as is soul calibur…too many others to mention.

nintendo has the BEST GAMES EVER: the zelda game wind waker is without question my favorite game of all time, with metroid prime being a close second. nintendo is exceptional at creating game characters that you get emotionally attached to. quake iii arena, doom iii, halo (2), my god…there is neither world enough nor time. even now, just thinking about this entire history, my carpal tunnel is acting up.




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