A Dispatch….From the Future (or, just last weekend)!!!!

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Back from Nextfest. Rather than bore you all with a tired written narrative, let me just point you to a few artifacts I culled together from the experience:

>> Ars Technica has an amusing take on the whole experience…those cynical bastards!

>> Flickr Photoset: “Robots, Kitties, and Chocolate Milk…of the FUTURE!”

>> Some Nextfest-related sounds gathered by my Newton (a little tinny, so my apologies; the robot i’m talking to is Philip K. Dick, Android):

>> …And don’t even talk to me about the Grokster decision.

Chi-Town Bound…

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I’m headed off for a weekend in the Windy City, where I’ll be sticking my head in at Wired’s NextFest. Expect a progress report soon afterwards. Oh, and I’ll be sure to bring the Newton along, just to show all of them that the future already happened yesterday.

In other Ben-related news, I found that I got listed in the acknowledgements here. I just like to help, is all…

Happy Birthday, PacMan

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Eat on, old man. You’ve earned the right.
We’re thrilled to see you’re still at it, too.

One Free Minute: Mobile Sound Sculpture

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What it is
Who did it
What we said




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