Happy Birthday, O.B.

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Today is the birthday of Samuel Pepys, Original Blogger. Go celebrate by uploading a post or something.

Also, a graphic design tidbit:
Fans of experimental typography and the 1994 Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction should click here. Those offended by the deconstructive postmodern aesthetic and vulgar language should move along…


Web Super-Fun Two-Pack!

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>>: Yahoo!’s new Pipes web-based app is getting a lot of buzz among the geek set since its beta launched roughly a week ago. What’s it do? In a nutshell, it lets you take smaller programs that manipulate RSS feeds and similar metadata and link them together to create mashups that the original content generators hadn’t anticipated (the name is derived from a process familiar to UNIX programmers). Example: The Travel Fanatic, a pipe that correlates Flickr-tagged images, Yahoo! newsfeeds, and search engine results into one page for a given travel destination, a potentially cool tool if you’re doing some preliminary research for upcoming travel plans. I’ve got to mull this over a bit, because it’s still a little hard for me to wrap my brain around…this thing could signal the start of something really big in the realm of user-generated content.

>>: Although the Web 2.0 concept gets my Spidey-Sense tingling (sometimes I wonder if it’s not being over-hyped, another marketing buzzword used to suck out yet another mountain of VC funding), this video on Youtube by Kansas State Assistant Prof. Michael Wesch (Cultural Anthropology, and also founder of the Digital Ethnography Workgroup) is absolutely brilliant, and a great example of how alphabetic text can be remediated to create something that remains quite dynamic and inherently persuasive when effectively combined with other modes of expression (video, sound, still images, etc.). Consider using this as an example in your class of a sophisticated multimodal text that students might model their own work after:

For All You Bibliophiles Out There

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This is the final week of “Text, Image, Form,” an exhibit at OSU-Columbus that features a variety of handmade books, art books, and other objects that stretch the form of the medium and the state of the technology of print. Highlights include several projects from OSU’s own Logan Elm Press, as well as an accordion-folded, aluminum-clad version of the Edwin Abbott Victorian satire/multidimensional treatise Flatland.

To satisfy your theory cravings on this subject, why not take a look at Katherine Hayles’ smart (and smartly designed) Writing Machines? You’ll be glad you did…




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