Ready to Ride the (dysentery-free) Oregon Trail*

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* Come on, now…you remember.

Well, we’re off for a week to vacation in beautiful and (hopefully cooler than here) Oregon: Portland, wine country, Crater Lake, this place, etc. Expect a photoset documenting the affair upon my return.

Once I get back, I still need to do a bit of tweaking with the new site, especially the sidebar info, so be patient. In the meantime, let me share with you a to-scale (yeah, right) layout for my new office, not actually including the fab-tabulous Eames desk chair:

Online Video Editors: No Final Cut, But Good for what Ails Ya…

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With the launch of YouTube’s Flash-based Remixer recently, I was especially excited to read this post from Read/Write Web, which informs me that there are actually several online services available that will allow you to edit video online: Cuts, Jumpcut, Eyespot, and others. There’s a whole slew of these critters out there, all of them shiny and new, what with their fancy rounded web 2.0 logos and all that. Slightly different features, interfaces, and purposes among the group, so get busy editing. Great options for those who are interested in teaching video production and editing but are faced with budgetary/logistical constraints keeping them from having labs properly outfitted.

Documentary Worth Watching: “Good Copy, Bad Copy”

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If you have a spare hour or so, treat yourself to this exceptionally well produced Danish documentary Good Copy, Bad Copy, which features the likes of DJ Danger Mouse (of the Grey Album fame), intellectual property rights expert and techno-academic Siva Vaidhyanathan, and a host of other artistic and academic luminaries.

Watch it:

Russ Meyer, Eat your Heart Out

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small MOV (3.5 MB) | large MOV (11.7 MB)

(Read more about the Visiting Scholars in Digital Media and Composition program.)

Sadly, ‘Twas Not Meant to Be

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The month of May is over and done with, and unfortunately my video “One Door, One Bulb” did not advance to the final stage of the Sundance Channel’s “What’s the Big Idea?” short video competition. And that’s okay. Really. Except that a couple of the entries that did make it leave me scratching my head (So you make bricks, do you? How innovative. And you with your plan to make self-sustaining hydrogen power plants for residential use? I hope that $10,000 cash prize is enough to fund your R&D…). But enough rant: thanks to everyone in earshot of my voice for supporting my effort, those of you who did. This may be a project worth pursuing in the future, so stay tuned.




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