Harlot: New Issue, With Special Section on Presidential Rhetoric (With Work by Me Contained Therein)

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For those of you interested in following my scholarly output, please do take note: The new issue of Harlot (the OSU-based online journal of rhetorical criticism/analysis/theory with a more populist spin) is out, and yours truly has a piece included within. Part of the special section on “Presidential Rhetoric,” my contribution is called “The Annotated Obama Poster,” and it’s a meditation/critique/series of observations on Sheperd Fariey’s near-ubiquitous Obama “HOPE” poster (a subject still very much in the news as the legal wrangling between Fairey and the AP continues). Plus, I’m in the good company of fine folks like Elizabeth Losh, John C. Landreau, and a host of others, so please give the issue a look-see, won’t you?

More Shameless Self-Promotion…

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I meant to hype this several weeks ago, but, well… things were happening, all right? Anyhoo, the Digital Media Studies program has a new flash-based promo up that’s pretty slick and worth a peep (Kudos to Melanie Yergeau for the mad Flash-fu). So peep, fools!

PS.– Some of my own stuff is mixed into this promo; find it all and win a prize!




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