Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-13

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  • what's so new about new media? Social Media in the Age of Enlightenment and Revolution via @openculture #
  • RIP, Heavy D. A piece of my childhood died along with you. #
  • (via @engadget) Report: Adobe Is Finally Pulling the Plug on Mobile Flash [Flash] from beyond, steve jobs smiles. #
  • bah! someone already snagged the mac mini i wanted for a media center project at the #OSUM surplus computer sale. #
  • #lazyweb anyone use the gmail preview pane? when i pull one up sometimes, it's outside of my readable browser window space (no dragging?). #
  • headed out to #UbiquitousLearningConference at UC Berkeley this morning. #
  • interaction expert kimiko ryokai discusses GreenHat, a neat interactive app designed to promote exploring of environmental locales #ubilearn #
  • also, prof. ryokai showcases I/O Brush, a really fun paintbrush+camera interface for painting on touchscreens. #ubilearn2011 #
  • al weiss discusses "composition 2.0," and the problem with the app-ification of texts–they don't invite real participation. #ubilearn2011 #
  • weiss characterizes the central concepts ofrhetoric of composition 2.0: multimodality, participation, convergence. #ubilearn2011 #
  • #ubilearn2011 day 2 plenary talk: lindsay davidson from queen's U, "simple technology facilitating complex communities." #
  • #ubilearn2011 davidson's talk focuses on dev. of project called "learning together with cases"–repository of clinical cases 4 med students. #
  • #ubilearn2011 case studies = fictive profiles, accessible online, used to contextualize a variety of different medical scenarios. #
  • #ubilearn2011 heh–dropped an #ITCrowd reference. wants to understand the internet properly (unlike jen) in order to maximize its potential. #
  • #ubilearn2011 case studies include dense content: textual descriptions, video clips (featuring actors), etc. #
  • #ubilearn2011 davidson ends w/nice quotation from Alvin Toffler… #
  • #ubilearn2011 quot;Illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." #
  • #ubilearn2011 prezi accompanying al weiss' plenary talk from yesterday: #
  • Headed off to #OccupyOakland Will try not to get arrested. #
  • Doggie daycare facility spotted on way to #OAK Citizen Canine. #
  • Also, flight on hold b/c maintenance has to investigate a bird strike. I didn't know birds were unionized. #

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