Of Cellular Telephone-Machines, Smart, Dumb, and Otherwise

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picture-1It’s not that I have anything against smartphones per se. I just made a pledge to lastyearsmodel to hold onto my current phone for one more year, and I am nothing if not a man of my word. Plus, I happen to actually *like* my old-school dumb phone, a Sony Ericsson w810i, which at the time was a handsome piece of industrial design and functionality. Even today, over 3 years after I purchased the thing, the original battery still holds a near-full charge. And of course there’s the fond memories of those countless calls, texts, songs, pictures, and what-not that I’ve made with the wee beastie… What can I say? I’m sentimental that way.

So in my effort to make the thing still viable in the age of constant facebook updates, Twitter streams, and other social media maelstroms, I’m on the lookout for lean, quick software for the thing–Google’s slew of mobile apps fit the bill nicely. Recently, though, I installed snaptu, a UK-based product that’s basically a portal of little applets that connect you to the aforementioned facebook, Twitter, and also Picasa, flickr, various news readers, and more. So far, so good, so I’m recommending it to you, dear readers.

But if I try to hold onto this phone for another year, someone needs to talk me off of that ledge.




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