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ENG 269: Digital Media Composing
Ben McCorkle
M/W 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
5 credit hours. Fulfills GEC requirement for: Arts and Humanities, Analysis of Texts and Works of Art, Visual/Performing Arts. Meets group elective requirement of professional writing minor.

Web 2.0. The Cloud. Social Networking. Twitter. Podcasting. Ten years ago, we would have been scratching our heads trying to figure out the meanings of these cryptic terms, but today, they are becoming increasingly commonplace for us. More and more, we have a hand in actively shaping the landscape that creates such terms: the Internet. For this course, we will focus on the issues associated with creating digital media content (in other words, using computers to make meaning by combining words, images, and sound). In addition to examining the formal properties and social implications of digital media texts (the various genres of online discourse and how they circulate through the web), we will also investigate the practical , rhetorical, and ethical dimensions of composing in a digital world. No experience with digital media is required for this course, but during the quarter, you will develop a digital portfolio that includes a variety of larger and smaller projects using different combinations of images, audio, and animation. Texts will consist primarily of an online course packet of readings/viewings/listenings. For more information, contact Ben McCorkle (mccorkle.12@osu.edu).

English 662 : Literary Publishing
Ben McCorkle
MW 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
5 credit hours (Repeatable as 693-Independent Study. Consult with the instructor for the number of credits available if you take it as 693.)

This course, for advanced undergraduate students, is responsible for producing The Cornfield Review, the annual literary journal of OSU-Marion. Students will study the history of literary editing, publishing, and design. They will put their newfound knowledge to practical use as staff members of The Cornfield Review. Texts TBA. Visiting speakers possible. Requirements include class presentations and a significant end-of-quarter project. For more information, contact Ben McCorkle (mccorkle.12@osu.edu).




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